Kinsman Corner - Woodville, N.S. B0P1G0


We have had a season with more than adequate rain and not a whole lot of warm weather.

Nevertheless we have a good fruit crop.


I think that the most interesting development for this year is the fact that we have grown our Apples

without using any chemical agents against insect pests. We have lost some fruit to insect damage and

have some damaged fruit on the trees but we do not feel that we have experienced significant

damage. We have relied on monitoring potential insect pest problems. Where we felt that there might

be excessive damage we have used other means of control. In one area we used insect traps to

attract and catch the pest before it damaged the fruit. In some other areas we sprayed the trees with

an edible white clay material. It is the same material that is used in some lipsticks, cosmetics, etc. It is

also used to make china dishes. The material when sprayed on the trees discourages the insects from

laying their eggs on the apple. The results at present are encouraging.

We recommend following picking dates:

Gravestein September 8th
September 12th
Northen Spy
September 26th


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