Favorite Locations
EasterN BeNdRRs is an Atlantic Canadian group of N scale model railroaders promoting the Bend Track modular system for N-scale model railroading.

Maritime Federation of Model Railroaders - Atlantic Canada

The UMG is an informal group of model railroaders from the Maritimes
with no club affiliations, based upon the FREMO modular concept.

Some fellow modelers homepages
Graham Bevan,s Homepage:
Some really nice rail fanning  photo's and a fellow Eastern Bender.

Bob Boudreau's Home Page:
A master modeler and published author.

Ric Hamilton's Home Page:
A local HO modeler, friend and member of the Unnamed Modular Group. Unfortunately due to a childhood accident he is unable to
work with super detailed models like N scale and had to settle on HO.

Will Lawrence's Web Site:
A local HO modeler and member of the Unnamed Modular Group.