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Newest (Feb 08)
My mother was kind enough to remind me on the phone the other day that it has been a couple years since I had updated my website.  Thanks Mom.  Not much has changed here since that time thus the reason for the lack of an update.  I have been modelling and fixing a couple of rooms in my basement (one of them for me).  No not to live in but to keep my hobby.  I added a Custom Models page where I show the custom work I have done for others. 

I will be doing another GP38-2 and another Dash 9 in the near future.  I have another GP38-2 waiting for a Railflyer Model Prototypes cab.  The test shots look awesome and I can't wait to see mine in person.  I also have a NS C39-8 project I would like to start using an Atlas drive and engine compartment and the RPP Shell.  A couple of other items I have underway is a CN 60' boxcar from two 50's using the roof and ends of a 60' car for a CN 598xxx series car per the late Dave Lisabeth's instructions that you can find at the Highball Graphics website.  I am also doing CN 414366 .  The model is a MDC car that was narrowed with a shortened 60' car roof put on.  I also modified the sill and it is now ready for paint.  When I get time, I will get this stuff up.

Well in case you don't know me, I like trains. I model and railfan here in Nova Scotia and have been known to take pictures while on trips as well. I am the current editor for The Maritime Branchline, a quarterly publication of the Maritime Federation of Model Railroaders. I model CN in Eastern Canada using HO scale but alas there is no layout to proudly run them on, so they are garage queens (or in this case) box queens. I also have a hankering for the Dominion Atlantic Railway since I live near what used to be a part of the very active railroad and I have also started construction on a musem layout with a few friends of mine to depict the railway section of Berwick, NS for the local museum that you can see under the Apple Capital Museum link.

Anyway, use the navigation bar at the left of your screen to move around my site. Home is where you are now. Models is some past stuff that I thought turned out very well in regards to my painting, kitbashing and/or weathering. At least good enough to show here but trust me, not all of them make it.  Prototype Photos takes you to some pictures that I have taken while out and about using my Fuji Finepix S5200. Hope you enjoy it.